Saturday, December 24, 2005

Oh Brother, it's Big Brother

1984? No, perhaps George Orwell's book was titled incorrectly. Perhaps it should have read "2005." With all of the spying our goverment has been doing on it's own people, one can only think of the totalitarian society that Orwell presented in his fiction book. A couple of weeks ago, it was uncovered by an NBC military analyst that the Pentagon was keeping tabs on protesters with cameras, keeping 400 page documents of photos, video, and license plate numbers of people involved. These were peaceful protesters, mind you. Soon after, the New York Times reported that President Bush had signed an order allowing the NSA to secretly spy on Americans who place international phone calls. Yesterday, CNN reported that the Muslim community is being covertly monitored, and has been since 2002, by the FBI for high radiation levels that are commonly found with the building of a dirty bomb. Earlier today, the New York Times reported that the NSA is actually conducting widespread spying that includes phone calls and e-mail messages. Bush had previously admitted to wiretapping, but had not mentioned anything about e-mail.

Keep in mind, all of these things have been done without any warrants or judicial review. How are the people of America protected from their own government? Why aren't people outraged? The fact of the matter is, we are in a very dangerous situation, but no one seems to care. Newsweeks' Arlene Getz wrote a very good article comparing Bush's telecom/internet spying to the arguments that South Africa's apartheid regime once used. The similarities are striking and people should seriously be concerned.

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