Monday, April 11, 2005

Wireless Internet Finder

Looking for a WiFi hotspot? (Wireless Internet Connection for those of you who are wondering.) The Laptop Wi-Fi Finder helps find Wi-Fi hot spots with a simple search. You just fill out where you are at or where you want to find a hotspot, and it will pull up all the available connections in that area. It lists all free public hotspots such as coffee shops, universities, etc. It also lists hotspots that you might have to pay for, like the wi-fi connections at Kinko's.

I did a search for hotspots in a couple of cities including areas near Los Angeles, CA and San Marcos, TX to see if it matters how big the city is. I expected to see a lot of results for the Los Angeles area and very few for San Marcos. As it turns out, both had quite a few hotspots.
So, the information Laptop Wi-Fi Finder has is plentiful and seems pretty accurate.

If you're looking for a WiFi connection, try out Laptop Wi-Fi Finder.

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