Thursday, April 28, 2005

Technotainment: Never Vacuum Again

Bisseck, today, announced a new automatic floor vacuuming system called the "Auto FloorVac." The FloorVac requires the installation of a special carpet pad system. If you already have a carpet down, you would have to reinstall the carpet with the carpet pad system placed underneath. This sounds expensive, but the Auto FloorVac runs for $299 and 50 cents per square foot for the carpet pad.

The way it works is simple. The carpet pad is specially manufactured with microscopic vacuums called "Fiber Vacuums" that feed into the main vacuum component. The main vacuum component is connected to the floor through a small tube that can be installed in a hidden area of your carpet. When the main vacuum component is turned on, it causes all of the Fiber Vacuums to pull the dirt, pollen, etc. in, under the carpet and into the main vacuum component's easy-clean, dirt container. All you have to do is flip a switch to turn on and off the main component and empty the dirt container when it is full.

Here is a photo of the Auto FloorVac system:

"I have this system installed and it works great," says Keisha Lewis, owner of Bisseck Enterprises. "I expect everyone will have bought one by the end of 2006. We made sure to keep the cost and price down so that everyone can enjoy this easy-to-use vacuuming system."

Bisseck Enterprises' stock, BSSE, has risen from $1.70 to $40 a share after the announcement.


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