Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Tivo introduces Tivo To Go

Tivo has recently announced a new feature to their service called Tivo To Go. Tivo To Go is a really neat feature that allows for the transfer of recorded TV shows or movies onto a computer, ideally a laptop. This would mean that you can watch almost anything your Tivo has recorded while on-the-go, once it is transfered to your laptop.

Tivo has also teamed up with Sonic, makers of MyDVD DVD recording software, to allow for Tivo recordings to be burned to DVD. Sonic MyDVD's software for this is not available yet, but will be available as a trial beginning mid January. There is no word yet on how much this software will cost.

Tivo is rolling out the Tivo To Go features to customers incrementally. This means that it won't be something that everybody will immediately have. In other words, some customers will likely get the Tivo updates sooner than others. Once your Tivo has received these updates, all that is needed is the latest free version of Tivo's Tivo Desktop for your computer. Then you can transfer recordings from your TIVO box to your computer.

As many of you can imagine, this will work great with a home made Personal Video Recorder (PVR) as you will be able to transfer shows from the TIVO to it. Unfortunately, you won't be able to do it vice versa.

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