Monday, November 22, 2004

TIVO Rewards Program

Tivo has a great rewards program. It is really simple. Refer someone and ask them to put in your e-mail address, when they are asked who referred them, during the Tivo setup process. You get 5000 points for each person you refer and can use those points to get some pretty neat stuff. Some of the rewards include Tivo Drink Coasters, at 1,500 points, to a Humax DVD Recorder with Tivo, for 35,000 points. That's just seven referrals for a great system!

If you're looking into buying a TIVO, I highly suggest it. Check out one of my recent articles about TIVO and its features when compared to other PVR options.

If you haven't bought a TIVO and have no one else to refer, please refer me using the following e-mail address:

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