Thursday, November 11, 2004

Firefox - the future of web browsing

This is not the first time I have come across a web browser I thought was worth downloading. I have used Netscape, Internet Explorer, and Opera to name a few of the more popular ones. But, I have never enjoyed an internet browser as much as I have enjoyed Mozilla's Firefox.

One of the greatest features about Firefox is that it is quite a bit faster than Microsoft's Internet Explorer (MSIE). For those of you who have used MSIE, you will notice a great improvement in speed as soon as you open the program. Sites seem to load quickly and it doesn't seem to bog down the computer. Another great feature is the ability of Firefox's Tab Browsing. Instead of having a few instances of a web browser running in different windows, Firefox gives the option to create tabs within the browser keeping only ONE window down in your task bar. This is great as it does not clutter your task bar. Firefox also has its own, built-in, pop-up blocker and has a really neat feature that allows you to right click on advertisements and disable the graphic from that particular ad agency. Unfortunately, this doesn't work for Flash advertisements.

Aside from the features that come built-in to Firefox, the best thing about Firefox is its flexibility to allow third party plugins. There are already a wide variety of plugins availabe for Firefox. For example, there is one that opens links in MSIE, with a simple right click menu, in case the site isn't displaying correctly in FireFox (MSIE is more lenient to HTML errors). There is another plug in called "Bug Me Not" that helps bypass "register now" forms on free websites that require you to register.

I highly recommend Firefox and recommend that when you download it, you check out the plugins that are available for it. I'm sure you will come across many that you'll be ecstatic to try! I know I'll be using this for years to come.

Download Firefox. It's free!

Update 11/22/04:

I forgot to mention a really neat RSS feature on Firefox. If you're using Firefox, did you notice the little orange icon on the bottom right of this screen? If you click on it and "subscribe," Firefox goes through the regular "bookmark this page" options and adds it to your bookmarks. Now if you go through your bookmarks and find this site, you'll see all the latest headlines listed! It is awesome! I have a few site feeds such as Wired on there. It updates all of Wired's headlines everytime I go check on it in my bookmarks! This alone is one of the biggest reasons to get Firefox!

I plan to have a "beginner's guide to RSS" article up soon, so stay tuned!

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