Tuesday, November 30, 2004

A Flowering Phone

Imagine planting a garden of dead mobile phones to produce a garden of sunflowers? Cell phones have become as common as computers and cars. Almost everyone has them. But, what happens to these cell phones when people upgrade to newer models? Everyone who has a cell phone knows that new models are put on to the market every day. I know of some people who change phones approximately every 6 months because of the ever evolving voice quality and new features that are released. You can imagine where all these expired cell phones go; the landfill.

Lately, there has been increased pressure on cell phone manufacturers, from politicians, to come up with a way to keep cell phones from being discarded and end up in trash piles. Warwick Manufacturing Group at the University of Warwick took on the challenge of creating a biodegradable phone. But, not only is it biodegradable, it also sprouts a flower!

The engineers at the University of Warwick embedded a seed into a biodegradable cell phone created by PVAXX Research and Development Ltd. The cell phone has a small transparent window that allows the phone user to see the seed, but the seed will not begin to sprout until the phone cover or case is recycled.

Dwarf Sunflower Seeds were used for the prototype.

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