Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Update: Video on my cell phone? Neat Right?

Previously, I spoke about being upset with AT&T Wireless because they charged me for services that I didn't think I should pay for. You can read about that here. I mentioned using to write complaint letters to company CEOs, but unfortunately this did not work with AT&T Wireless. I know instances where writing to companies with has worked, so I do suggest trying to get a response, from companies, there first.

AT&T Wireless continued to deny me the refund for the wrongful charges, so I decided to file a complaint to the FCC. Normally, I would say I dislike the FCC for varying reasons, but the complaint filed through them must have put enough pressure on AT&T to decide to give me a call (FCC Complaint Form).

"Hello, we're calling from AT&T Wireless regarding the complaint you put in to the FCC. Can you hold for a representative so that we may resolve this issue?" I told them I'd hold. A couple of minutes later a representative got on the line and asked what the issue was. I told her about AT&T's mistake in having charged me for something I should not have been charged for. She was very apologetic and polite, and she promptly gave me a full refund for the incorrect charges.

I finally got my money back, but had to work a little bit to get it. Consumers, please don't let these type of companies take advantage of you. Find a way to fight them. The internet has great resources for figuring out ways to do so. The FCC, when it comes to telecommunications, is one of those ways to fight.


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