Thursday, September 23, 2004

Video on my cell phone? Neat, right?

Pissed off about a product or service? Want to contact the CEO? I went to and wrote the AT&T Wireless CEO the following letter.

Video on my cell phone? Neat, right? I had just purchased a Nokia 6620, which I was very excited about. The phone has worked great and is able to process video using a data plan. I have had a 1MB MMode data plan with AT&T since my first contract and everything had been fine.

I was on MMode (internet) when I saw that REAL, the company who makes RealPlayer, was offering video content, for a small fee, but required that the user have EDGE network (high-speed data service) or an AT&T Unlimited Data plan. Being that the EDGE network was something like 79.99/month, I opted for the $24.95 unlimited plan. I called AT&T to upgrade my 1MB data plan to the Unlimited plan and was told it would be processed within 24 hours. After these 24 hours, I viewed some video and surfed the net using what I thought was my unlimited plan for the past month.

I received my bill today and was astonished to see a $65 additional charge. . .

I received my bill today and was astonished to see a $65 additional charge to a 1MB plan that I was told should have upgraded within the 24 hours of speaking to the customer service representative. The charge shows $0.01/KB and I used 6.4MB in addition to the 1MB. So, I decided to call AT&T Wireless and see why my plan had not been upgraded to the Unlimited Plan. After speaking to two representatives I spoke to a third, Anita (Employee ID 824), who told me that the original representative I spoke to, to upgrade my plan, had told me that the plan was not available in my area. I told Anita that the representative had told me that the plan would go into effect within 24 hours and had never told me that my plan was unavailable. I don't think she understood that I was told that my plan would be changed to unlimited, because all she kept saying was that her computer showed that the rep told me it wasn't available in my area. She told me she would credit only HALF of what I was charged as a "courtesy." But, this didn't sit well with me. It isn't a courtesy because I should not have been charged the additional charges in the first place. And, it still didn't resolve the other part of what I should not have to be paying!

I asked Anita, "So what happens to the other part of the money that is not refunded?" She replied by telling me that I would have to pay it. I asked her who else I could speak to about this matter because I know I should not have to be paying for these fees if I was told I was being upgraded to unlimited. She told me I could speak to another representative but that chances were that they would not be nice enough to even refund me half. So, she made me feel as though I had to do this right then and there 'cause I could lose even half of the credit they were willing to give me.

This type of representation from Anita has also made me wonder if my newly renewed 2-year-contract with AT&T Wireless had made them so resistant to giving me a full credit. If my contract was set to expire, there'd be no doubt they would have appropriately refunded me.

On top of this, I had also noticed another charge for $4.99 for a 100 text messages plan that I never signed up for.

This is the first time it has appeared on my bill.

I would like AT&T to refund the FULL amount of what I was wrongfully charged. That is $20.77 after the first half that has already been refunded.

This is how I have calculated it:

Full Additional Charges($63.57) subtracted by Half from Anita's Refund (31.78) = $31.79

Mmode Unlimited Plan = $24 subtracted from the total above is $7.79 plus my 1MB MMode is $15.78 plus the 100 Text Message plan which is $4.99.

Total Refund should be: $20.77


The end! :)

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