Monday, September 27, 2004

Home Movies -- Adult Swim

I'm watching Home Movies on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim (The Franz Kafka Rock Opera Episode) and I'm wondering why these episodes haven't been released to DVD yet. According to the Adult Swim website they have just over 50 episodes, so there are definitely enough to put on a series of DVDs. It looks like there are more reruns showing, but where are the new shows?!!

I really like this animated series, and hope they continue to create this show, but for all I know, it's been canceled. The company that produces Home Movies, Soup2Nuts, has a website, but it fails to mention anything about whether or not the show is gearing up for another season or not.

I am contemplating beginning to record the episodes and posting them on my website for "archive" purposes even though the legality of doing so could be an issue. Perhaps I'll just leave it in my "shared" folder in Kazaa! I'm less likely to be caught doing that! hehehe

Update! 10/05/2004

A few days after I wrote this entry, I have come across some information from that states that the first season of Home Movies will be released on DVD on November 16th! Along with 13 episodes, it will be packed full of features that include commentary tracks, interviews, animation galleries and more! So, write this date in your calendar! -Home Movies from Adult Swim on DVD November 16th.- (Listed as $34.98)

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