Wednesday, August 25, 2004

"School Days School Days, Dear Old Golden Rule Days"

Okay, so school started today at the good ol' Texas State University. In some instances I'm glad I graduated and don't have to return, but in a sense it's like part of me and who I am has died. I had been a college student for a good five years or so, and it's a little tough knowing everyone is going back and I'm not. I guess being so far away from my friends and "home" doesn't help.

Things I hated:

1. BOOKS (too expensive)

2. Crowds (too many students!)

3. Boring Professors

Things I liked:

1. Seeing Friends

2. Having Fridays Off (Mon-Thur Classes)

3. Awesome Professors (Philosophy Dept!)

Anyway, I better be getting back to work. . . yes, work. Where I see no friends, don't have Fridays off and don't have awesome professors.

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